Friday, January 14, 2011

Eradication of corruption in Indonesia

Shouts some circles that Bill Court Corruption (Corruption Court bill) discussed in the parliament soon as there are no echoes. Rather than enter a priority, this bill has not even submitted to Parliament during this session to IV. Until now, the Corruption Court bill was still in the hands of the president.

"Unfortunately, the Corruption Court bill not a priority. This is very important when considering the Corruption Court related to the existence of the KPK, "said Senior Researcher Center for Law and Policy Studies (PSHK) Bivitri Susanti, Tuesday (13 / 5).

Based on the Constitutional Court's decision earlier in December 2006, the Corruption Court by a separate statute, not by Law No. 30 of 2002 on the Commission for Eradication of Corruption. The Court gave three years for the formation of a special law giving the legal umbrella for Corruption Court. Thus, given the Constitutional Court deadline is December 2009.
Council members busy dealing with the 2009 General Election and therefore could not meet the deadline given the Court. If this happens, not only would weaken the Commission, the eradication of corruption will also reap serious obstacles.

In a plenary session of Parliament yesterday revealed that the government has not passed the Corruption Court bill to the House. The government just told the three other bill to the House of Representatives discussed. This will certainly be a step backward in law enforcement efforts to eradicate corruption in Indonesia.

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