Friday, January 14, 2011

Warranty On Rights Legal Aid

Equal treatment before the law are human rights. this equation must be balanced with treatment so as not to be violated due to various reasons such as social structure, and economic status. regarding issues of equal treatment before the law in The Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia in 1945 was staged.

other than those stipulated in the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia, concerning equality before the law was also in the set of laws and regulations applicable in Indonesia, as in the Act No. 39 of 2009 on human rights. of the rules of positive law in Indonesia is clear that each person is recognized equal before the law. and every person who is not capable of fighting for their rights are legally entitled to obtain legal assistance.

Legal aid rights of every person, especially someone so that he could not get justice. no one has the right to remove a person's right to obtain legal aid even though the country. This guarantees the rights contained in international standards and national law as a form of fulfillment of basic rights that have been universally recognized.

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