Monday, February 27, 2012

Civil Rights of Children Outside of Marriage

Civil rights of the child outside of marriage is usually only be obtained from the mother now has been recognized by judicial review of Law No 1 of 1974 on marriage. Judicial review of Article 2, paragraph (2) and Article 43 paragraph (1) is filed by Machica Mochtar.

Judicial Review is granted, then the biological father of a child born out of wedlock, has a civil bond with her ​​children. So that the father must provide for the child even though she was not married to her mother.

Children are also entitled to a birth certificate that lists the name of her biological father by DNA testing of evidence or witnesses. Because it is tied to the civil, the child also has his father's inheritance rights over property. Article 2, paragraph (2) and Article 43 paragraph (1) Marriage Act removed because he felt aggrieved. The article was called, a child born outside marriage has only a civil relationship with her ​​mother and family. "I apply this to my son, M Iqbal Ramadan 14 years old. He can not get a birth certificate so as to make its legal status is unclear. This is not just a victory for Iqbal but a victory for the other children. They now have rights that should be obtained , "said Machica.

Mahfud MD Chairman of the Constitutional Court decisions of this very important and revolutionary. Since MK knock hammer, all children born outside marriage official, has a blood relationship with their father and civil. Outside of formal marriage in question include mating Mahfud siri, infidelity, and living together without marriage or samen leven.

Given this Court's decision should be able to defend the interests of children's rights rather than legalize adultery.

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