Thursday, April 5, 2012

Deputy Minister of Law and Human Rights Slapping action

Slapping action by Indonesian deputy minister of law and human rights Denny Indrayana when make unannounced visits at prisons Class II Pekanbaru Riau, Indonesia. it's a slap in the face occurred on Monday (2/4) night when Denny was accompanied by his aide with officials of the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) dressed all in black and wanted to take the lid face three prisoners suspected of money laundering drug use in prisons IIA Pekanbaru.

With the door closed, Denny jump to the gate. He banged the door open and ask. Officials did not immediately open the door because there are still procedures should contact the head of the prison. Denny angry and going war of words. Denny slapped Darso and his aides kicked other prison officers. Continue to ask these three rooms. Then escorted to the key holder by the officer who had a key, name Maslan, it was held by the aide of his collar.

Member of the House of Representatives Commission II of the Republic of Indonesia Agun Gunanjar Sudarsa asked President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono dismissed for having slapped Denny Indrayana Prison officers Pekanbaru Darso Sihombing Class IIA. As a Deputy Minister, legal experts and law professor, said Agun, Denny Indrayana should not do that.
"I asked the president to immediately dismiss Denny. Denny slapping action and kicked his aides do not deserve a prison officer by a law expert, professor of law and the Deputy Minister of Justice and Human Rights. This action can not be left without any consequences, "said Agun

Denny denied slapping. He argued it did not occur to prevent the slapping.

Whatever really happened at the time of the incident is still not worthy of a deputy minister of human rights law and the acts of violence. Denny should provide a good example as a deputy minister is to respect the law and run in accordance with legal procedure itself. Bad history in law enforcement in our beloved country.


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