Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Arrogance Act of Council Member

Arrogance act of Medan Council members (Amiruddin) occurred last Sunday at around 11:15 pm it is happened when he deliver his guest in the domestic departure terminal. When entering through the metal detector door, the door suddenly ring out. Spontaneous security officer, Fachrurozi, manual checks by hand to touch Amiruddin body to find suspicious objects exist. For some reason, as will be examined in the thigh pocket, according to Fachrurozi suspicious areas, Amiruddin direct hit and kick him off a few times. While kicking and punching him, Amiruddin several times said he was the Chairman of DPRD Medan.

Facrurozi reported it to the Trade Union Angkasa Pura II Polonia Airport Indonesia. Amiruddin harsh action was taken Angkasa Pura II SP Chai
rman Djamal. He held a press conference at the Office of Space Pura II Polonia. On the occasion, SP Angkasa Pura II shows CCTV footage from the airport.

By CCTV evidence, Djamal confirmed incidents of beatings by the Chairman of DPRD Medan Amiruddin. He expects that Amiruddin apologize for the execution of official arrogance to airport security officers. According to Knopf, the officer is undertaking his work according to SOP examination of the body or body seacrh applicable in every international airport and also Amiruddin not have fit in while delivering his guest. "He entered in the Domestic Departures Terminal not use Guest Pass. All guests must use the right time to deliver their relatives or friends, "

The arrogance of acts against the Chairman of the Parliament Amiruddin field security officers in Medan Polonia Airport, again showing us that in this our beloved country, officials and power holders are increasingly immoral and have no manners. every time we exhibited with the attitudes that are very poorly by people who hold positions and power. Let's see what kind of punishment he will receive. What a shame!

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  1. Our country is a constitutional state, and the reality on the ground is hard, I myself sometimes confused right and wrong so one gets confused, thanks for the information friend

  2. nice post gan.,

    gak ngerti bahasa inggris akh... :D


  3. Sayang videonya tidak bisa dibuka lagi. Maaf saya komen pakai bahasa Indo, ngerti artinya tapi takut kalau komen pake inggris jadi salah maksud

    Thanks for share this info :)

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