Friday, January 14, 2011

Corruption Court bill

Corruption in Indonesia so rampant, almost to the line and institutions, despite efforts
pemberantasannya been done since the 1960s. So the foreign press is always referred
Indonesia as the sick man of Asia because of corruption has menggurita to various sectors
Now, when Presiden.Yudhoyono lead this country, he has a strong obsession for
corruption. Therefore, issues that need to be addressed are, first, the Bill
Court Corruption (Corruption). Making Corruption Bill should promptly in
prepare specific professional judges. Second, eliminate the provision permits the President to
corrupt state officials.

Presidential Permit
Conditions of permits the President to examine the state officials involved in corruption during the
inhibit the effectiveness of treatment and prevention of corruption cases. Article 106 of Law No.
22/2003 concerning the composition and position of the MPR, DPR, DPD, and DPRD and Article 36 of Law No. 32 /
2004 on Regional Government are equally set the permission of state inspection officials.
From the legal perspective of government, the nature of consent as a form of preventive control
to prevent violations of the law. Therefore, the permission checks that state officials suspected
same as protecting corrupt embezzler normatively. Permits the President at the request of investigators,
according to Article 36 Paragraph (1) Law No. 32/2004, in some cases likely to be misused investigators
"protect" corrupt on the pretext still waiting for permission of the President. And maybe
petition to the President was never sent.
Permit inspection Discrimination state officials to prove discrimination and
ignore the principle of equality before the law between state officials and employees, other countries
involved in corruption. The equation is one of the civil rights that the absolute character
should not be violated by anyone in accordance with Article 28 D of the 1945 Constitution yo Article 4 of Law No
39/1999 on Human Rights.
In politics legislation, in order to create a responsive law in accordance with the demands and expectations
community, the provision of law permits the President in a positive need to be removed. Permits the President to
replaced by a written notice to the authorities investigating hierarchically related to the President as
The report was to supervise the examination of state officials suspected of corruption. Thus, supervision
government needs to be improved although the people still doubt the objectivity of supervision
considering regional watchdog appointed head of regional officials.
In addition, the need to reopen the file corruption in the areas of government in creating a
clean in a way; first, held back in the corruption cases that still "settle".
Second, regional head of the abuses of authority because "for-for" projects in a way
direct appointment to be processed as soon as possible.

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