Friday, January 14, 2011


The development of information technology is happening in almost every country has a global characteristic of a loss of national borders (borderless). Countries that already have a network infrastructure that more adequate information would have enjoyed the development of information technology, developing countries will experience in its development tendency of the emergence of neo-colonialism. This shows the existence of a paradigm shift which is an information network infrastructure for the development of a country. Without the mastery and understanding of this information technology, the challenges of globalization will lead to a high dependency on others and loss of opportunity to compete because of lack of utilization of information technology.

Well aware that the development of information technologies shape the Internet, have changed the pattern of community interaction, such as the interaction of business, economic, social, and cultural. The Internet has contributed so much to society, company / industry and government. Internet presence has been supporting the operational effectiveness and efficiency of every human activity.

The development of information technology including the internet in it also provides challenges for the development of law in Indonesia. Law in Indonesia on demand to adjust to social changes. Soerjono Soekanto suggests that social changes and changes in law or otherwise do not always take place together. This means that in certain circumstances legal development may lag by the development of other elements of society and kebudahaannya or perhaps the opposite

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