Friday, January 14, 2011

Cyber law

Cyberlaw or other words of cyberspace law as the legal aspects relating to the use of information technology in virtual space (cyberspace). Professor of Law Faculty of Diponegoro University Barda Nawawi Arief called cyber terms with "mayantara". Unlike the Barda Nawawi Arief, Edmon Makarim of the Institute of Law and Technology Studies, University of Indonesia are reluctant to mention the word virtual cyberlaw. But whatever the term, until now there has been no single regulation in Indonesia who called or defined the term cyber or mayantara. Because the term is basically cyber in Indonesia today is not a legal term.

According to some authors pendangan scope of cyberlaw requiring serious attention in Indonesia today ie; criminalization Cyber Crime or crime in cyberspace. The negative impact of crime in this virtual world has a lot happening in Indonesia. However, due to the existing set of rules is still not strong enough to trap the perpetrators firmly sanction, this crime is growing as the development of information technology.

Crime actually grow and thrive in a society, no crime without the community. Diucapankan Lacassagne true that society has criminals in accordance with merit. However we know a lot about the various factors that crime in society, but what is certain is that crime is one form of human behavior that continue to experience growth in line with the development of society itself.

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