Friday, January 14, 2011

Firmansyah: Nothing new in the Law Reform

Chairman of the National Law Reform Consortium (KRHN), Firmansyah stated in the next five years there is no new thing related to law reform efforts in the homeland. Reality is based on the number of issues or problems that have been identified and mapped. Opinion was delivered in the Media Gathering, and NGO experts meeting under the theme "Development Priorities in National Law 2009-2014) organized the National Law Commission (KHN) of the Republic of Indonesia at the Millennium Hotel Jakarta, Thursday, 05/02/2009.

Present is about the development and strengthening of various agendas and programs of existing laws and push for the achievement of the expected.

Law Development programs that need to be prioritized for the years 2009-2014, Yu gave three issues that need attention. First, related to the need to strengthen the Democratic System with the system of government prisidensiil confirmed by an evaluation of presidential governance practices, but the taste of parliamentary, revision of the Law of Politics to support the operation of effective presidential governance and Shaping Law of the Presidency and the Ministry of State.

In the context of strengthening the democratic system is also necessary to consolidate the state commissions are there. This is important because after the reform commission and the country flourished to this day is still possible the birth of the state commissions a new one. For this problem would be created for the formation parameters and a State Commission for Conducting standardization status, position and organization of the State Commission.

Second, the issue is far Bureaucracy Reform is not maximized even barely touched. In the case of this bureaucratic reform includes legal institutions. For that there must be supporting upya bureaucratic reform by doing: Ethics Standards Organization of the State, Promoting Transparency in the Institutional Services and Law Enforcement Public Isntitusi and Accelerating Strategic Discussion and Ratification of the bill package related to Bureaucratic Reform.

Third, the Criminal Justice System for Developing Higher speed with priority on discussion of the bill and the Criminal Procedure Code and Penal Code Implementation and Monitoring Penitentiary Reform.

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