Friday, January 14, 2011


Consumer Protection is all efforts that ensure legal certainty to provide protection to consumers. With consumer protection is expected to be hope for all nations in the world to realize the various dimensions of relationships to each other have the linkages and dependencies between consumers, business and government as a regulator. In economic development the government is obliged to give guidance, direction and protection to create a healthy climate and the development of the business world, especially the world of trade.

With Law Consumer Protection No. 8 of 1999 is expected weak consumer position can be protected by law. However, in application of Law Consumer Protection No. 8 of 1999, particularly Article 18 not to work properly we expect bersama.Konsumen forced to accept with some reluctance because it is driven by necessity.

Inclusion of standard clauses can not eliminate eksonerasi consumer rights to obtain damages. The right to obtain damages should be placed higher than businessmen who have made eksonerasi standard clauses. If a request filed by consumers are not getting proper response from the relevant parties so consumers are entitled to legal settlement either through court or outside the court by BPSK. The business still includes the standard clause in the memorandum eksonerasi purchase is subject to civil penalties that the treaty was annulled by the standard legal and business must be revised to comply with Law Consumer Protection No. 8 of 1999 section 18

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