Friday, January 14, 2011


Proklamasi'45 the statement is a declaration of independence stance of Indonesia addressed to the people of Indonesia and to the whole world that we "have independent" from foreign occupation since August 17, 1945. Proklamasi'45 is the gateway of Indonesia's independence and the establishment of the Republic of Indonesia, by putting PANCASILA as the basis of the Republic of Indonesia
The establishment of the state of Indonesia with 2 (two) objectives, namely the state goals and objectives into the country to the outside. For the purposes of the state to the other addressed to the Indonesian nation, is to: 1). "Protect the whole Indonesian nation and the entire country of Indonesia"; 2). "Promote the general welfare"; 3). "The intellectual life of the nation", while the destination country outside Indonesia, addressed to the world community, is to, "contribute to the establishment of a world order based on freedom, lasting peace and social justice";

However, to implement goals in the Indonesia country, like Indonesia to protect the whole nation and the entire country of Indonesia, promote the general welfare and intellectual life of the nation can only be done through the Good Law Enforcement. Without the availability of Human Resources (HR) are well within the rule of law (Law Enforcement) and the awareness of all the people of Indonesia to always obey the law, the Indonesian state is impossible goals can be achieved.

There's no way all the development programs launched by the government which aims to achieve the state goal, as stated above will work without the guarantee of a good law enforcement and legal certainty in Indonesia. Even the construction tends to have the opposite effect, which makes the nation and the people of Indonesia is to be poor and miserable.

This fact is contrary to existing facts, where Indonesia is known as a country with Natural Resources (SDA) are abundant, but poor people in the midst of wealth. Ironic! Proklamasi'45 clearly born of a sense of kinship and sepenanggungan, and independence is the golden bridge to change the fate of the Indonesian people from "poor" to "rich". And after 64 years, was Indonesia's independence has not made this nation "rich". "Rich" here can be interpreted as the level of human ability, or a nation to collect the values of life and recognized amongst the people of the world.

The values include: 1) the average people have a good education, 2) have the skills; 3) have sufficient property; 3) has a power in the democratic system; 4) a Self-Esteem as an independent nation; 5) There Legal Certainty and Justice; 6) There Love and Tolerance; 7) have a healthy body Lahir Batin; 8) feel safe living side by side and tried; 9) is the responsible freedom; Etc..

The fact that there is, this nation's poor education, poor skills, poor power to be able to influence things for the better, property poor, poor love, poor health, poor security, poor freedom of living in harmony side by side and the poor of justice and legal certainty .

Why did this come about? because this nation cq. Government and Religious Leaders and Community leaders do not have a good quality of nationalism, and do not understand completely against the ideals proklamasi'45, so consequently they fail to educate its people or ummatnya.

This nation after the proklamasi'45 grow and develop is primordialism bonds, namely ism tribal, regional ism, ism ism and religious groups. Do not be surprised if conflicts arise everywhere always come from the bond primordialism and not building nationalism.

This conflict potential will increasingly occur because the government failed in leading the nation and the people of Indonesia, especially in the economic sector that the government was not able to prosper its people in the economic field. Plus schools of economic poverty primordialism and lack of strong nationalism of the Indonesian people will make this nation the potential of causing disintegration tends to miss secede from the Republic of Indonesia.

Proklamasi'45 a golden bridge to the ideals of Indonesia must be saved by putting superiority road development program with how aroused nationalism of the Indonesian people, the people who mensejahteraakan simultaneously immediately improve the quality of law enforcement in Indonesia is not discriminatory .. If this is done and terujud, then people would be proud as a citizen of Indonesia and the impact of a chain of love for the people of Indonesia to the country in an atmosphere of legal certainty or rule of law in Indonesia would be able to contribute effectively to all aspects of the economy and the development of Indonesia in general. Hopefully.

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