Friday, January 14, 2011

The Legal Aid Justice System

In the Indonesian judicial system, particularly criminal, right to legal aid is governed by Article 54 KUHAP.yang where it aims for self-defense interest, suspect or defendant eligible for legal aid by a person or persons legal advisors at every level of examination.

In addition to legal assistance by the legal adviser at every level of examination, the defendant is also entitled to legal aid in any time needed. This was confirmed later in the chapter 56 Code of Criminal Procedure. Legal assistance to OBLIGATIONS especially of certain crimes: 1. Threatened with death penalty, sentence of fifteen more; 2. Suspect or defendant is not able to provide themselves or the threat of criminal punishment in question or indictment of five years or more. Rights have also encountered legal assistance in Law no. 23 Year 2002 on the Elimination of Domestic Violence.

In terms of providing legal aid to those mentioned above of a lawyer or advocate is obliged to provide legal assistance free of charge. this provision in Padal 22 set in law number 18 year 2003 about lawyers. other than that of providing legal assistance free of charge are also regulated in Article 7 (h) Code of Ethics of Indonesian Advocates (KEAI).

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