Friday, January 14, 2011

Legal Aspects of Consumer Protection in E-Commerce

Trade using the Internet medium is bustling place. Many who have used konseumen this medium, though with concern how to protect their rights as consumers?. One of the rights of consumers are getting the right information, clear, and honest business actors regarding goods and / or services offered to them.

Consumer rights to information is a basic right of consumers to decide to consume or not the goods and / or services offered to their customers need information. Consumer protection efforts in the trade by using the Internet media can be run with the improvement of the device of consumer protection laws that regulate the advertising, to include media advertising using the internet.

This legal device improvements are needed since we often can not take action against law breakers just because there are legal instruments which can not accommodate the offense committed. Although the legal tools to protect consumers have been prepared and have been corrected, if there is no will and real efforts from government, law enforcement agencies and consumers themselves to enforce their rights, then the consumer protection and place roads will not achieve its objectives. For that oversight of the provision of information through advertising on the internet is required.

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