Friday, January 14, 2011

Legal device in Global Warming

If construction can clearly be interpreted as a concept in which the proposal subject of human behavior change desired, it can be concluded that the essence of development is how to change the laws of human behavior towards awareness and compliance with the law of the values applied in life and society.

Specifically develop human behavior and society should be in the context of community life of nation and state in which they understand and are willing to carry out its legal obligations as a citizen and understanding of how demanding the rights that are guaranteed by law in the legal process itself. Development must also addressed how to change the behavior of the people of Indonesia, from the all retarded behavior towards a more advanced behavior socio-economic, cultural, moral and prosperous behavior by understanding their rights and obligations as citizens.

In this context a clear development can not be separated from the consciousness and adherence to human or public law values. Legal development should be conducted simultaneously with other development plan implemented in the planning process of development of a global nation, because the final goal (end goal) is planning "human behavior" that adhere to the values of development itself.

On the basis of this thinking that led to the development of law in the awareness and compliance with public law must receive primary attention from all aspects of the planned development. We need to know that the law as a discipline actually has 2 (two) objects, the formal objects and material objects.

Formal object of legal science is how to lay the foundation and the handle to the creation of order, peace, decency and justice for individuals and society, is the Material Object of legal science is how to create the formation of human behavior and culture-conscious people and very obedient and understanding of rights and obligations as part of a community of communities, of a nation and / or a country. We are very concerned to see the culture of our nation's law behavior is apparent therein which is filled with potential for violence and indifference to the required order in the habitat.

The potential of this law behavior can be described as culture-cross-over behavior in the streets. Compliance left-over traffic in the street can occur if there is a traffic cop who was always ready to guard the road users or drivers on the road, if there is no Poltas all signs traffic tends to be broken, especially violations of traffic signal lights that have the road intersections. Order at least a society can be measured against the law of public awareness in pass-traffic on public streets.

Not even a little too much road users (motorists) who tend to violate the street signs and totally ignore it even if there Traffic police guarding the moment. Development Law can not seem to go smoothly if the root problem is the failure of the indicators of a building is not completed, for example, one of which concerns: 1) aspects of welfare (prosperity), in which concerns some indicators such as indicators of the availability of jobs with salaries that "enough"; 2) aspects of facilities and infrastructure to accommodate road comfort and safety for road users drivers; 3) professional aspects of the law; 4) aspects of ensuring that community needs regarding food, clothes and shelter; 5) aspects of system operation conducive infrastructure and superstructure of the concerns of public services; and many other aspects that can not be mentioned given the limited field.

Development asserted law can not be done partially or is a concept that stands alone. Tend to be obedient to all the signs and legal norms, if the fundamental aspects concerning the needs of his life is threatened and / or difficult to be fulfilled in the midst of a global system in which they live. If this happens, do not expect many people we want to consciously adhere to all norms and rules of law in our country.

This is a chain will bear the impact of the development of the artificial. Is it democratic development, moral development and character of the nation, development of facilities and physical infrastructure of buildings and super market, or the construction of educational facilities and produces only the delivery of job seekers. Legal development should be conducted simultaneously and synergy with other development aspects.

Without such a utopia, he became, so the law can only be obeyed by the public within the authoritarian system of government.

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