Friday, January 14, 2011

Legal efforts That The Consumer Can Do

Along with the growing development and information technology, people have unknowingly become victims of advertising and promotions that are not true. this can be seen from the number of marketed products often does not match with the advertising and promotion of products tersebut.bahkan problem given discounts often do not match those promised in the promotion or advertising.

Basically, advertising and promotion have a very important role in business activities, the interests of consumers and government activities. And for that, then Law Consumer Protection (BFL) Indonesia enacted to provide legal certainty and protection for each of these interests. In providing legal protection for consumers, Article 9 BFL Indonesia governing the prohibition for the business to trade of goods and / or services offered, promoted, advertised incorrectly, and / or as if such goods.

In addition to these provisions, when talking about advertising and promotion itself, Article 12 of BFL also regulates the prohibition for the business to offer, promote or advertise goods and / or services with special prices in a certain amount of time and, if the business does not mean to perform in accordance with the price, time and the amount offered, promoted, or advertised.

In principle, any consumer who feels harmed may file a lawsuit through the institution authorized to settle disputes between consumers and business actors such as the Consumer Dispute Settlement Board (BPSK), or through the judiciary generally. On this provided for in Article 45 and Article 46 of BFL.

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