Friday, January 14, 2011

State Secrets Bill Indonesian and foreign interests

Newspaper Sydney Morning Herald on March 14, 2002, reported the involvement of Australian-US intelligence in the case of the loss of East Timor. In the proclamation, in describing that in 1999, with sophisticated military facilities, Australia intercepting cellular communications Jakarta-Dili. In another case, in December 2004, the British newspaper The Guardian reported the purchase of 100 units of the project scorpion tank by the government of Indonesia to the weapons company Alvis Vehicle Limited 1994-1996. If we associate with the sounds of article 6 of the bill specify that the RN in the State include confidential information, "the plan allocation and expenditure reports relating to the real task of the mission and the defense, and information relating to the import and export of armaments, technology, war and ammunition for use (debriefing ) TNI ", with clearly that the transaction was the purchase of weapons, including state secrets category. Thus, j

If the bill refers to the State Secret, then if any of our media, citing what he wrote in The Guardian said, would naturally be subject to criminal sanctions. It was common knowledge that most of the news media, national media also quoted from the foreign media. See the formulation of draft article 6 of the Secret State, there are no major defect in the notice by the government. Impressed the government closed access to public information disclosure from the national press to the problems of security and government defense but on the other hand gives a fresh breeze to the actions of wiretapping, intelligence and foreign disclosure.

Regarding the allocation and expenditure reports relating to military security defense, should not be on set again in the State Secrets Bill. Why? As a member of the UN, Indonesia joined in the Guidelines for International Arms Transfers (Disarmament Commission, Mey 1996), where the UN Register of Conventional Arm and UN Standarized of Reporting on Military Expenditure requires transparency of conventional arms transfers between countries. Very contradictory, if our government will have to "open up" with countries outside but must be a secret in the country. If so, the big question, who really gives a threat, our communities or foreign parties? The government should be more observant in formulating the State Secrets Bill, do not seem forced to the legislated, considering that in the last 5 years, no laws issued by the Department of Defense when compared with departments other.

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